Welcome to CoreRealtyTexas.com!

Welcome to CoreRealtyTexas.com!

InvestCORE Company dba CORE Realty is a corporation formed to produce significant profits by engaging in the Commercial & Residential Real Estate brokerage, business consulting, buying & selling, business acquisition and management of income producing properties in the Houston Texas area and surrounding counties. The company’s goal is to develop a highly profitable diversified portfolio that includes single family homes, multi family, mixed use, office, retail and land development. To accomplish this, CORE Realty has brought together a team of professionals with decades of experience in the real estate, banking & finance industry. This team provides a wide range of expertise in many areas that will provide a competitive advantage in consulting clients thru market research, contract negotiation, business acquisition and developing profitable real estate projects.

The Texas economy is one of the best—and most resilient—real estate markets in the country, populated by a highly educated and diverse workforce. In recent years, a steady stream of new residents and companies are moving to the area including corporations relocating their headquarters and operations or expanding their presence which is driving the areas continued growth and stability. This in turn creates more jobs, boosting the economy and providing excellent, and profitable opportunities in the real estate market for everyone.

With an experienced team that can identify those opportunities InvestCORE Company dba CORE Realty have been formed specifically to do that. That experience and our local focus puts us in the perfect position to identify, respond and take advantage of shifts in the real estate market and the opportunities they create as they occur.

Our Competitive Advantage

We are confident that our extensive background in sales, marketing, home staging , banking & finance will be an added advantage to your overall goals and objectives, hence, increasing the ratio of closing, selling probability &marketability.

We believe… “Action forms a Habit…Habit creates Character… and Character becomes your Attitude”… and Attitude is… Everything!

Allow us the opportunity to assist you find the property that fit your needs. Help is just a phone call away…